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London Warsaw New York Lyrics


Come to me and cry
I know, I know, I know it's not easy
Your heart is aching
But so is mine,
How can I tell you
For so long, so long, so long,
I've been thinking
Now I know
I can't live a lie

They say true love lasts forever
If we want it
There will be waiting

A second chance
Baby but now we need time
Time to learn
Time to understand
Where we went wrong
'Cause I feel so strong
We are cruising for bruising
My Baby

I must let you go
Don't stop, don't stop
'cause it's better now
When I still love you
Don't say goodbye

So bye for now, don't let it die
'cause we can try some other time

BEST FRIENDS You know me well by now There's more to be discovered And Baby my good heart Might improve your inner life Listen -- I'm your friend I don't try to be your mother Strange as it may seem I believe wrong can turn to right Against the rule I'm always here for you On each other's side There's so much that we can do Because no matter where we are going there together There's no doubt we will get there in the end And if we have to stop Gonna wait through stormy weather If not lovers we still remain best friends
BRAVE NEW HOPE Looking out of the window Can't believe what I see Where was all this beauty when I loved you From now on this is my world Yes we lost but I don't hurt any more I knew there must be more to life than this Now is the time for me I'm grateful -- you set me free Baby one good turn deserves another Now is the time for you Pray our dreams come true Could not see the world around me You were my world But now I keep inside my heart a Brave New Hope There is no need to worry I'll find my place in the sun Better days arehere to stay forever Times are changing so am I Not alone 'cause there's a heart needing love I know that God will give me one more chance Everything seems new Have to get to know my friends again I never realized that it could be like this Time is a love-continuum And I've got so much love to give I'm not afraid to start this journey again tomorrow
BABY YOU'RE MINE Sitting there and feeling lonely Had my blue eyes for you only Suddenly you turned around and smiled at me It wasn't my imagination Had no doubts no hesitation When it comes to love I know where I wanna be Is it real am I dreaming I've been waiting light years for someone like you Can't believe you are here with me I've got you and I can't hide it anymore I want the world to know that Baby you're mine You are blowing my mind We are two of a kind Baby you're really mine Now I see what I've been missing It's the happiest girl you're kissing Baby only you can make me feel like this
ORDINARY PEOPLE Oh, if they knew what is really going through her mind Oh, how she dazzles triumphant, there's no competition But when not dreaming She thinks her world will fall apart There's no one there to love her And quench this burning passion We, ordinary people Sometimes frightened a little Hiding our secret hopes Want an ordinary love Need someone to hold If they only knew What's going through her mind If they only knew How lonely is her life If only we could see Through other people's eyes We might understand each other's hearts Oh, if they knew, what is really going through his mind He is so helpless, his head in the sand, day-and-nightmares. But the crowd around him believes he has the power To change the world, stop wars and hunger Yet for his dreams no one cares We, ordinary people, Sometimes frightened a little Hiding our secret hopes Want an ordinary love Need someone to hold
REWARD Father I didn't really know you Mother you are so very far away from me Hopeless birthdays made me cry My heart kept saying: It's all right Obviously that's how it was meant toe Now I know There was a reason for it all And I am not lonely anymore I got my reward That's why I am loved I have you A lover and a friend You are everything I need You are the sun the air I breathe Without you, life wouldn't be the same Please never go away And if you go then don't forget to take me with you The love that I gave was used against me Honesty seemed a foreign and old-fashioned word Maybe I just don't understand 'cause I'm a stranger in this land Even friends failed to make me feel at home Now I know There was a reason for it all... Jestes moja nagroda You are my reward
UNTIL YOU COME BACK TO ME Though you don't call anymore I sit and wait in vain I guess I'll rap on your door Tap on your window pane I want to tell you Baby The changes I've been going through Missing you. Listen you 'till you come back to me That's what I'm gonna do Why did you have to decide You had to set me free I'm gonna swallow my pride I'm gonna beg you to (please baby please) see me I'm gonna walk by meself Just to prove that my love is true Oh, for you baby 'till you come back to me That's what I'm gonna do Living for you my dear Is like living in a world of constant fear In my plea, I've got to make you see That our love is dying Although your phone you ignore Somehow I must explain I'm gonna rap on your door Tap on your window pane I'm gonna camp on your step Until I get through to you I've got to change your view baby 'till you come back to me That's what I'm gonna do
COPERNICUS This is a song about the place I come from It's not on the moon at all Where people's hearts are filled with passion I miss it so, 'cause I'm here chasing love In my land of great romantics I'm the biggest dreamer of them all No way to stop their desire to change And to improve our world One invented Esperanto Ready to move and to try something new I'm convinced that Chopin too Would dig samba if he had a chance to groove Though it's true That I only know very few simple words of your language I've cracked it I've decided Because the only words we need to communicate Are the ones that can help me say "I do love you" And that make me understand you love me too Our love will take this globe by storm If it's London, Warsaw or New York 'Cause all around the world People want to love and be loved Open your eyes There's so much we don't know We don't even realise So you might get a better picture And if I say, that on this planet today We all have the same hearts, I don't claim I'm Curie or Copernicus Nasza miloscia podbijemy glob Londyn, Warszawe albo Nowy Jork Sporjz tylko wsyscy w krag Chca byc kochani i kochac chca
NOT AN ANGEL I'm not an angel You know me better Not an angel You rule my world, you rule my world Now take me to heaven Forgive my open talk But our love is not taboo It was a dream before With you I feel the Earth move Take me high, make me smile Get to know my other side I kept the best for you Teach me now, show me how Baby you might be surprised I'll be good to you I'm grown up I'm not shy I have waited long enough For someone like you It's not a crime, it's alright Come and try I saved it all for you
TAKE HIM BACK RACHEL Take him back Rachel It's time to stop lying When he looks at me he's dreaming of your eyes Don't be hard Rachel There is no denying He wa never truly happy in my arms Take him back, oh take him back Rachel Ignore what people say and listen to your heart Someone up there knows it is only your silly pride Maybe that's the best thing that ever happened to you Sail against the wind Against the tide Don't say it's not right Take him back Take him back Rachel He is pining for you Just a mention of your name His heart flutters Don't waste time Rachel Sure you know too That being with him is the only thing that matters